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To the ends of the earth: Enric Sala, the explorer saving life in our oceans

The National 13 Jun 2021
Like his hero, he became an ocean explorer, marine scientist and a diver ... After taking on the role as Explorer-in-Residence in 2011, Sala founded National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project which combines exploration, research, and media outreach to inspire nations to protect the wild parts of the oceans.

What to call Columbus Day? One N.J. school board, facing backlash, leaves it blank

NJ dot com 13 Jun 2021
Many generations were taught that Christopher Columbus was the brave explorer who sailed the ocean blue and “discovered” the New World, and his legacy is dear to many Italian Americans.

The Purposeless Society

Quillette 13 Jun 2021
Humans are wired to think in terms of purposeful social agents and their objectives, and to tell themselves stories ... Whenever the idea of doing something spectacular is raised—reaching for the stars, exploring the depths of the ocean, building gleaming cities or trans-continental transport systems—the objection is the same ... As the economist Albert O.

National Geographic now counts five

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 12 Jun 2021
Board on Geographic Names approved the name "Southern Ocean." ... Enric Sala, National Geographic's "explorer in residence," described the Southern Ocean in an email as a distinct water body characterized by the powerful Circumpolar Current that flows eastward, "perpetually chasing itself around Antarctica.".

What Mission Could Detect Oceans at Uranus’ Moons?

Universe Today 12 Jun 2021
Exploration of ocean worlds has become a hot topic of late, primarily due to their role as a potential harbor for alien life. Moons that have confirmed subsurface oceans garner much of the attention, such as Enceladus and Europa ... This isn’t the first time that the Uranian system has come up as potentially harboring ocean worlds.

Wholesome Direct reveals new ‘Ooblets’ update, ‘Loddlenaut’ and more

NME 12 Jun 2021
READ MORE. ‘Bloodhunt’ preview ... As you explore the land of Oob you engage in dance battles, with more dance moves being unlocked as you level up. Pupperazzi Credit ... The final surprise game shown was Loddlenaut, an underwater exploration game where you explore alien oceans, clean up debris, and interact with the game’s adorable sea life, Loddles ... .

Mike Yardley: Three Great Wellington Neighbourhoods

NewstalkZB 12 Jun 2021
No matter how often you visit the Capital, one of life’s great truths is that Wellington is a gorge-fest ... Collins’ pork belly or A ... Paulownia, hemp, recycled polystyrene and plant-based resins form the basis of his custom-made, ocean-friendly boards. His inspirational studio is a thrill to explore whether you’re planning to ride the waves or not ... .

Polynesians 'beat world to Antarctica by 1,000 years': Ancestors of New Zealand's Maori sailed from ...

The Daily Mail 11 Jun 2021
It has long been thought the first person to set eyes on Antarctica was Russian explorer Fabian von Bellingshausen, who sneaked into the history books three days before British naval officer Edward Bransfield in 1820 ... Polynesians explored the Pacific Ocean centuries before Europeans did (stock).

Particles at the ocean surface and seafloor aren't so different

Phys Dot Org 11 Jun 2021
Researchers previously found that primary production by ocean phytoplankton and carbon export via particles sinking from the surface are consistent with log-normal distributions ... The findings will provide a simple way for researchers to explore additional links between net primary production at the ocean surface and deep-sea flux. Explore further.

A fifth ocean? National Geographic adds Southern Ocean to world map

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal 11 Jun 2021
A prior version of this story misstated the name of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ... The Southern Ocean “encompasses unique and fragile marine ecosystems that are home to wonderful marine life such as whales, penguins, and seals,” National Geographic Explorer in Residence Enric Sala told the magazine.

USRA Scientists to Explore Venus with NASA's DAVINCI Mission

Tyler Morning Telegraph 11 Jun 2021
Justin Filiberto and Walter Kiefer at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) are science co-investigators on the team that will analyze Venus' atmosphere to understand how it formed, evolved, and determine whether Venus ever had an ocean ... The research carried out at the LPI supports NASA's efforts to explore the solar system.

North Atlantic currents may not be linked to Meridional Overturning Circulation

Phys Dot Org 11 Jun 2021
A new international study has cast doubts on the view that variations in the density of some of the deepest currents of the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean are caused by winter surface conditions and represent changes in the strength of the Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC) ... Explore further.

S. 381, National Ocean Exploration Act (CBO - Congressional Budget Office)

Public Technologies 11 Jun 2021
381, National Ocean Exploration Act ... 381 would amend several ocean mapping and exploration programs administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ... 381 also would repeal the Undersea Research Program Act of 2009 and would codify the activities of the National Ocean Mapping, Exploration, and Characterization Council; the.

Virtual groundbreaking includes simulated tour of the new Palmer Elementary School

Lehigh Valley 11 Jun 2021
The school’s virtual groundbreaking ceremony was broadcast via zoom on Friday morning ... The school has an exploration theme with a compass design on the lobby floor. There’s a three-story exploration mural that extends up each floor of the stairwell ... “The mural begins underwater to explore the ocean. Upstairs we see a farmland, town and city ... .

National Geographic officially recognizes five oceans

Toronto Sun 10 Jun 2021
Oceans, that is ... “While there is but one interconnected ocean, bravo to National Geographic for officially recognizing the body of water surrounding Antarctica as the Southern Ocean,’ Marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer at Large Sylvia Earle said, according to the Daily Mail.